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Prosperity With Sham-Rang

3 Paths To Prosperity Dr. Sham-Rang

Discover the 3 paths prosperity and create the energy of abundance. Join The Class…

March Free Meditation

Easy Meditation For Stress Rampal Kaur

A Pranayama breath meditation to relieve stress and create patience. Join The Class…


Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Rampal Kaur

A gentle kriya that opens the lungs and energizes the aura. Join The Class…

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The BEST Alternative To Butter Is? Butter, Clarified. A Yogic Diet Oil.

I bet your surprised to hear that. Technically were talking clarified butter…also known as Ghee, an important oil in the yogic diet. It is so easy to make and when…


Create A Joyful Daily Sadhana with Dr. Sham-Rang: Free Webinar Recording

Our first live webinar with Sham-Rang is now available for streaming on youtube, or HD downloading if you have a free member account. Sign up is free for our basic…


Free Meditation Music Download – Guru Ram Das by Sat Avtar Kaur

Science has proven our ancestors past emotional experiences effect our DNA. The memories of generations are locked inside the secrets of our lineage. Diseases are passed on from generation to…


The Most Important Thing I Learned at 3HO Summer Solstice – How To Get Through Every Block.

I kept hearing the answer to the sutra ‘There is a way through every block” even before Summer Solstice. Love. Over and over again. Love. My first Solstice I had…